Meow Meaw Party From Miu Miu

by - November 22, 2009

It's the season of giving, the season of marshmallows floating in the sea of hot coco,
the season of heart warming, heart felt love & joy.

This Christmas, followers of Plusizekitten not only get to read all about Miu
& her Christmas Shopping & Sales misadventures
but they will have a chance to attend to attend the
all Miu Kitty Cat Christmas Party organized by
Shu Uemura for Plusizekitten's Blog Followers / Shu Uemura lovers!

This Christmas 15 of my followers will be selected to attend a
fabulous Kitty Cat Christmas Party at Shu Uemura One Utama
where they will have fun at the Hands On Party MakeUp Workshop with Shu Uemura's MakeUp Artist Mr. Frederick Ng
(creating party looks using Tsumori Chisato's Planet Cat/Planet Ribbon palette),
parade & pose in their Kitty Cat Costumes, and participate in a Puuurfect Kitty Contest,
the Best Kitty Contest and enjoy the party refreshments & special promotions specially for this night only.
Did I mention there's Christmas door gifts?
SO if you have not gotten your hands on
any of the Tsumori Chisato Collection, hold your paws!

My party is where you should be at :)

Follower ID:
Blog: (to increase your chances to be selected, you can blog about this party)
1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is __________
2. What I would do to attend this party?

Terms & Conditions:
1. Only followers of Plusizekitten can participate.
To be a follower click to follow me on my blog (right hand panel, somewhere in the middle of the blog).
2. Only 15 followers are invited to this party.
3. Contest ends 1st December, 2009 & emails invites will be sent out.
4. Please follow dress code to attend party.
5. I will and can change my contest conditions

all the info, courtesy from Miu Miu"s

And wua's Answer are

Follower ID: wendypua

Q1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is __________
A1. My favourite Shu Uemura product is Cleansing Oil

Q2. What I would do to attend this party?
A2. I wan be A Cute Cute Kitten !!

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