Oval Shape Flower Arrangement

星期日, 十一月 22, 2009

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Me And My HomeWork !

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6 评论

  1. wow din know u can do flower arranging too!!!!! looks nice!!!

  2. thanks for comment !
    still in learning status, pratice make perfect !

  3. Very nice. good talent in flower deco'. For me, the flower need to be more crowded and it will give more freshness..!
    i also learn abt flower deco' 4 years ago...

  4. Nice colour arrangement !!! U very talented, can do the hat accessory and now flower arrangement ??? WOW

  5. 2 babygirl : u also learn b4, then next time we can exchange idea on it lo

    2 Zoe : Thanks,

    2 Jessying : Jz for My itchy Hand, watever is nice i will do it de !