Female Fair Affair Show @ KLCC

by - May 01, 2011

Dress of the Day :

One Piece Dress From Nichii (Pavilion)
Leopard Print Open Toe High Heel from Pink Evil's Market (One Utama)
Crown Hairpiece from Hair Accessories shop (Kuchai Lama)

Wua with Lady Gaga Style Dress & Lil Crown HairPieces
Female Magazine Registration Counter

KK &Wua (first time been to event with him!)z!!!

Camwhore wiith a bunch of friends

Sharon &Wua
Kelly &Wua

Yeap It is a Photo with Winnie Loo (Founder of A Cut Above)

& Before the event started, we went to kinokuniya to buy ifeel May issue (7th anniversary Celebration) with alot of goodies there! Thanks to Jess &Sharon for the info. as it is very limited !!

inside consist of : -

1 x O’slee Rosehip Softening Body Scrub 100ml

1 x Majiami Brightening Facial Cleanser 100ml

1 x Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Juice 30ml

1 x Lois Exclusive Recycle Bag
I got two! One for KK , One for Wua !

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