Kiss To Win" Contest - The End

by - May 26, 2011

Remember I mentioned about the I won " Kiss To Win" Contest  Previously
From Fahrenheit 88 Stardust Studio. 

Story Back to Early Of May.
While Before the Morgan Fashion Show @ Pavilion start .
I heading to Fahrenheit 88 for some window shopping.
I going to Stardust Studio for more skincare & makeup eye-candy.
Suddenly a SA asked me to take part in the "Kiss to Win" Contest.
I saw so many contestant on the wall already,
what is the possibility I win;
thinking! thinking! thinking!

OK ! On!
I take part!!!

Put On Lipstick & Kiss On the paper...
(Weird Feeling to kiss on the paper!)
My Sexy Kiss !
Sexy Kiss Belongs to Me!

My Kiss With all the Contestants/Competitorsss!

3 Weeks After 
I received a Email from Stardust studio mentioned that
I won "Kiss to Win" Contest!!!
I totally Forgotten I Take Part on this  contest!

Last Sunday, I went to redeem my prizes with Mummy!
See My Name There???

My Winning Prize - Yellow Star Star Plushies! 

Like the Lighting Behind Me!

Have a nice day! 

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