Review : Charles Worthington Frizz Free Ultimate Serum.

星期一, 五月 30, 2011

(29/5/2011; 10:30am)
TT: 我们要出去吃早餐!快一点,不要用太多时间!(通常恶魔都用15-30分钟才出门!)

TT: Let's Go for Breakfast, Prepare yourself with the shortest time!!! 
(usually Devil will use 15-30min to prepared before go out :P ). 
Devil : Ya La!! Ya La!!!!

(~ 过了5分钟后~)
( ~ After 5 Mins ~ )

恶魔:好了! 可以出门了! 
TT: 怎么那末快的今天? 头发都好像吹过来,可是又没有听到吹风筒声音的!

Devil: Okay! I am Done!!!
TT: Why today so fast?? The hair seen like been blow but without hearing any hair dryer sound!
Devil: Sure! Why Not! 

(What to know Why?? Stay Tuned to the Last Ya!! )


What is so PRECIOUS secretly inside
the blue treasure box ??
(A stuff that shorten the preparing time before
going out with boyfriend & husband!
Shorten they mumbling time also :P ) 

宝物就是Charles Worthington Frizz Free Ultimate Serum..

The Magical Product Is Charles Worthington Frizz Free Ultimate Serum..
 It tamed my LION KING Hair Very Very Well.
even after wake up from bed!
Make My Hair Smooth & Frizz Free. 

Website Say : 
If there’s only one frizz serum you opt for, make it this one: Frizz Free Ultimate Serum. Part of the Salon Results collection, this cult-status hair repair serum erases frizz and flyaways, leaving nothing but smooth, shiny, and super-silky hair.
Designed to resist the frizz-inducing effects of humidity, this serum with UV filters, ensures hair is kept smooth with long-lasting control. For ultimate anti-frizz action that lasts all day, use Frizz Free Ultimate Serum with Frizz Free Shampoo and Conditioner. Easy.


The Structures of the bottle :
I like the most is the pump dispenser head.
No leakage.
Compact , 1-2 pumps is enough for my hair!


After get TT's Compliment's
Self Camwhore with my pretty, frizz-free hair Quickly!!
WITHOUT Hairdryer!

100% 没有PS改装过的!

Side View,
Swear! 100% No Photoshop Effect There!!
Smooth & Sleek!

Tame Your Lion King Style Hair Style!

快去Watson Malaysia 买一瓶

Grab a Charles Worthington Frizz-Free Ultimate Serum
Price @ RM29.90

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  1. Hi, Miko, it is not an advertisement, it is a review based on my own view of the product, Thanks for your support..