Majolica Majorca Summer 2012: Psychedelicious

by - March 27, 2012

Majolica Majorca "Psychedelicious" collection debuting on 21 May in Japan
This Collection will be devil's favorite because all eye make-up are brown natural color series
it can create very natural and light make up.
plus 1 more the blushers is so cute like macaron~

1. Lash King BR666 Brown

2. Brow & Lash Colorist BR333 Vanilla Brown and BR555 Marron Brown : Waterproof brow tint.

3. Cream Pencil Liner BR677 Cocoa Brown with gold pearl

4. Puff de Cheek RD414 Cherry Macaron and PK415 Raspberry Macaron

5. Honey Pump Gloss Neo #70 Secret Drop and RS456 Kokemomo (Cowberry) Jam

6. Artistic Nails (Speedy & Glossy) #7 先手 (Sente) and GR222 出来心 (Dekigokoro)

7. Popping Shower Powder: Majoromantica-scented shimmery body powder formulated with rosehip oil.

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