Are You A Hot Person ?

by - January 23, 2014

From the title itself,
what you think i would tell about it ?
Hot and Sexy ladies?
Before Chinese New Year 2014 Some More?

No! No! No!
Is about your own Body, Not Body Shape
Check Out the Chart below to understand your body.
Oh from the chart! 
Yeap! I am hot babe!
I used to have rapid heart rate from time to time even without coffee/tea.
Now i know why!

when I eat all the fried food like crackers/Bak Gua (Dried Meat)during chinese new year, i will get sick easily,
to neutral it back, Mummy will cooking the Chinese herbs tea to reduce the body temperature.

how can a chinese new year without a Beer Cheering with group of friend/families!
it is not about 1 can / 2 can but is 1 carton /2 carton to finish up within night.
with free flow junk food around. OMG

with overdose of beer + bau gua day by day for 15days not only fattening
but will leads to gastric too!
Bcareful ya! Friends!

Still worry about food caused gastric
no worries with gavisco will helps to ease the pain.

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