(Travel Journal) Day 1 - Gyeungju , Korea

by - January 30, 2014

Nothing can be more happy when you are travelling with your loved one, Like Us
 We are back from Busan, South Korea recently!
If you know me closely, my FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM, you can see all my updates from time to time for lovely photo with Hubby.
as I mentioned before it is considered as our pre-honeymoon before our September wedding ceremony.
this is kind a compact and fun-filled trip we ever had in my life, we went to nearly 20 different place in 7 days 6 nights from Gyeongju, Daegu, Busan & Jeju Island then back to Busan.

we had our very 1st experience like: 
* Ski Together, 
* Jjimjilnag Togather,
* Wine Tasting Together,
* Kimchi making togather,
* Ice sculpting,
* wearing hanbook together,

back to the post title,
Today I going to Show You How I Spend My Day 1 at Korea.

* Gyeongju National Museum
This Museum is more about Silla Dynasty Era History
This place really taken a lots of hubby's camera's memory!
Yes, Hubby is a kind of guy who love"vintage/historical"
 Silla Dynasty King's Crown

* The Seokguram Buddhist Grotto, Gyeongju
this is the outlook of the Buddha,
from the building structure to the decoration are really well planned.
By the time, we went there are still under construction,
so we still managed to see the UNESCO World Heritage Seokguram Buddhist Grotto

Wishing Pond In front of the Temple

 Korean Auntie Making a Wish and drink the holy water

Wishes for Lovely Forever!
Hubby Gives me More $$$$$!!
More travelsss!

Bulguksa Temple [UNESCO World Heritage] (불국사) , Gyeongju

Here have a very Interesting way to make a wish
by stacking the rock without falling down.

there we come to make a wish too!
this time to wish for "smooth running wedding day & dinner"

* World Heritage
Behind us all the small mountain are burial mounds of kings of the Silla Dynasty.

* Giant Wheel Garden.
This just another random garden by the roadside and near to our dinner place

So our tour guide is great enough to bring us there to snap some great photos!
it is great for couple to have a special place for snap photos instead of all the tourist spot that pact with other tourists.


We are here to wish all the readers
dun forget to join the giveaway ya!
Happy Chinese New Year!

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