Hi , I am Back from Busan - Korea

by - January 14, 2014

Hi EveryOne I am back from Busan - Korea with Dear Dear
This one considered as our Honeymoon for this year right before our Chinese wedding dinner 
We been there for 7 days 6 nights from Busan, Daegun , Gyeungju to Jeju Island.
We have lucky to see snowing in Jeju Island, 1st time skiing together, 1st time been spa together & many first time experience for us.  
We really enjoy this trip a lot. we have a really great tour guide for this trip to bring us along and snap all the nice picture of us. stay tuned with all my updates ya!

After come back all the way from korea trip.
I have a lot of thing to handle from workload to post-travel job like, wash all the thick winter cloths, repacking my luggage for next trip to Bukit Gantang Homestay  with all the awesome group of Sahabat Media , will blog about it soon.

as for workload wise , i almost nearly missed the lunch for overloaded job with WIP meeting, planning, and monitoring and etc. but it is lucky i have the Foodpanda to order my favourite food like SAKAE SUSHI & STARBUCK COFFEE. as a coffee lover/addictor like me, cant live without coffee, so it comes really awesome combination without going to 2 different restaurant. 

I also understand this week is too hard to concentrated in working as it is holiday in between but it is nothing to better than work smart not work hard.

for me, i really wan to work hard & travel more now with dear dear, Stay Tuned more to my Honeymoon Travel.

Have A Nice Day! 

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