IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign Contest - Day 1

by - January 06, 2010

As I Mention Earlier about IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign Contest.

And I Been Selected As a Super Fan Campaign Participant.
Today (6/1/10) I went to their office @ TTDI for A short Interview.

1st me required to fill up a consultation card to analyse my skin type.
after completed the card, nutritionist-Juliana have brief me that i have a sensitive skin.

Omg >.<, Since When I bcome sensitive skin? (due to Extreme Environment/Allergen) Yaya! I Have Red Rashes On All Over My Faces After Under The Sun.

Then Picture To Be Taken By Ching Before Used The IDI Product.

Follow By Juliana Are Taking The Suitable Product Range For Me
and Brief me about direction of use.

I Got 6 IDI Products , 4 Products From Series 6 , 2 Products From Lab Series

6.0 [six] series – cares for sensitive skin and alleviates itchiness, redness and peeling

1. 6.10 DermaGentle Cleansing Milk
2. 6.11 DermaGentle Conditioning Lotion
3. 6.30 DermaGentle Relief Cream
4. 6.31 DermaGentle Barrier Cream
5. Lab0.30(md) UltrAction Protection Cream SPF50+
6. Lab0.31(md) MultiAction Mask

Advises From Juliana :
For Sensitive Skin, Never Use Tap Water To Wash Face,
Preferable With Filtered/Purified Water.

After their ask me to try the product on the spot.
Then Another picture to be taken, after used the product

For Me, After Used The Product about 10Mins
I Feel it is Brighten&Hydrated!!
And The Rashes Are Not So Red Anymore. Hurray!!!!

There are a Short Video To be taken as well
content about self introduction, my skin concern,
what i would like to achieve For my face with IDI Product .

My Answer Was :--

my skin concern is red rashes patchy on my sensitive skin.
I Would Like To Achieve A Acne/Rashes Free Skin, Flawless Skin ....

Stay Tuned with My IDIProduct Review &
My Pro-long Skin Improvement With IDI Product!

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