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by - January 07, 2010

Once Upon A Time , The Story Called “ Alice In The Wonderland For Childhold.
Yes We Do Have A
AliceWonder Online For Baggyholic, Shopholic!!!!!Their are Offering Wides Ranges Of Bags. Dress, Top , Bottom, Accessories…

Long Story Short:
After bucket loads of sweat and even more laughs...we bring you the online shopping realm that floods you with BAGS!

Short Story Long:
After nine sunnybears (and additional members later), one crazy conference, two 15 dollars breakfast puked out, twelve escargot in Paris, one stolen backpack in Venice, two 600km cycling trips, one whale shark, a 3-button brand, 2 online meetings, a few bags of Doritos (and 7kg gained), 25 boxes on the ship, two resignation letters, 5 brains listing out 86 potential names, 12,849 miles of flight and train travel, countless late nights, 4 incredibly tolerant family members (especially my mum), bucket loads of sweat and even more laughs....and now we're here!

Their Philosophy Of AliceWonder:

1. Providing women with ENDLESS choice (we have no hundreds of employees, but we have our hundreds of bags).

2. Shopping is a treat and therapy, not a war zone with parallel parkings, stampeding shoppers and changing-room queues.

3. Fashion should be accessible, at only a click (and a dollar bill) away.

4. Fashion like life is FUN and should be approached with a dash of humour.

5. Giving back. So while you are shopping in
use your online time to volunteer in other realms like onlinevolunteering.org.

These Are The On-Going Promotion in AliceWonder

New Spring 2010 Collection.(Click On the Picture To Direct To The Detail/Product)
Free Delivery When Spending More Than RM80(Click On the Picture To Direct To The Detail/Product)
Testimonials From The Buyers
(Click On the Picture To Direct To The Detail/Product)

"Did I just see you wear that last Sunday?
"Does this happen to you very often? See how you can win a wardrobe makeover.
(Click On the Picture To Direct To The Detail/Product)

Their Are VerY Supportive With Charity Event,
As Last Year October, 10/2009
There Are Having A Get A Boobs Event,
By The Time U Purchase A Range Of Bag ,
Partition Of The Amount Goes To Nation Breast Cancer..

If U are At KL/Selangor Area,
U can Go directly To Their Showroom
To Have A Look On The Actual Product
BY Appointment as well !

F16, 1st Floor
(Beverly Collections)
Centerpoint bandar Utama

Happy & Enjoy Shopping @ Alicewonder.com
Total i bought 6 bags from Them!! Like It So Much!
More Bag To Come From AliceWonder!!

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