Workshop : Jurlique"Make Ur Own Aromatherapy"

星期六, 七月 03, 2010

Today is really a joyful day for me, early morning I go pick up with Cindy @ Leisure Mall. Then we are going to DKSH warehouse sales, wao, there are a lot of people , and the warehouse sales are very organized that it is segregate to many section like : shoe section, snacking section, electronic section ETC.

After that we are going to IKEA to have our lunch, we have Daim cake and meat ball there. We have a lot of chat from A-Z! Really nice to chatting with her.

Then we are heading to the workshop.
This workshop is located at the same function room
with Burt’s Bee workshop previously!
Heading to Workshop Lo!Register Counter with doorgifts

Me with the doorgift!

Preparation for facial regime & aromatherapy oil

Wua & Cindy & her new toy

1st DIY Aromatherapy Session:

Stress Relief

Almond Carrier Oil = 15ml
Lemon Essential Oil = 3 drops
Lavender Essential Oil = 2 drops
Geranium Essential Oil = 1 drop

Muscle Aches & Pain

Almond Carrier Oil = 15ml
Rosemary Essential Oil = 2 drops
Lavender Essential Oil = 2 drops
Peppermints Essential Oil = 2 drops

Cold & Flu

Almond Carrier Oil = 15ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil = 3 drops
Eucalyptus Essential Oil = 2 drops
Lavender Essential Oil = 1 drop

Wua & Jessica Wong with Essential oil

Wua with my 1st aromatherapy oil !
Am i look nice without make-up?
look glowing without feel oily!

Wua , Lilian Wah , Lavender.

Wua , Cindy , Lavender.

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3 评论

  1. good pics and yes you glow! hehe.. nice blouse you have there :D

  2. hope u 2 enjoy very much the events today! it's so fabulous u made a new friend ^___^ thanks for being so nice to fetch her!!! what did u buy from jurlqiue??

  3. Sherry : Hahaha, I am glowing with Shine! the blouse is design by my uncle!

    Miu : Yes, we are enjoy alot from the workshop, but i din buy anything frm jurlique.