Outing with My SuperStar Mum @ 1utama~

by - April 18, 2011

This 2 bottle of newly launch listerine mouth wash takes us 
about 2 hours to wait BELATED promoter @ Watson!
as promised in the brochure at 12pm, but she is not coming until 1:30pm.
Thanks for Mummy asked me to wait patiently, if not Wua already Chiao Chiao!

 Okay after 2 hours of waiting at Watson. 
Is time to have our lunch @ Fish & Co!
(Quote of the Day : Never Ever Be a Hungry Ladies rather than Angry Ladies!!!)

Mummy & Her Fish &Chip In Cheese Sauce.
Devil With Her New York Fish &Chip. 

Next Destination = Guardian MakeOver Party
Last Week I bought a traveling set of O'slee FOC Whitening Mask.
Add another RM10 buy Makeover Voucher for Mummy.

MakeOver Begins Here!
Mirror,Mirror, Mirror, Who's the Mummy is Super!
They are using Maybelline Product for this MakeOver.
I realized that their blusher is not really pigmented. 
Hairdo Done by A Cut Above Acedemy 
Tadah! Mummy With Make Up & HairDo Done.
Posing like a Super Star~ ~ !

Devil with own Make Up &Pose! 

Haul &Goodies bag of the Day! 
Devil's Haul ~ Bimba & Lola Ring In Aqua Color.

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