TransforMantion By WatSon! 02-04-2011

by - April 24, 2011

How Can It Be ????? 

Early of April, 4 Men (included TT!) were treated to a top-to-toe makeover by Ben Toong from Amberchia Academy. These 4 lucky winners walked away with a full range of Watsons Men products, new outfits from Top Man and a new hairstlye! YeaP!!

Dear Dear & other 3 Winners. 

Benjamin Toong with WM Product,
He is conducting the whole TransforMANtion !
1st he is giving some tutorial to the guys on :
Start It Clean,
Face Care Regime for a guy,
& Understand your body proportion and your style. 

after that they are headed to Top Man where they purchased outfits that suited their personality.

Here are Going to Change their Style !
 A Group Photo in front TopMan @ 1Utama
(Left to Right: Ashraf, Zul, Benjamin, Andre, TT & Swing)

In Progress 

Is this Suit Anyone of the Guy out There ?

This ??

(Swing & Benjamin In Action)
Or This One?????
(Hints; this is something TT wearing!) 

TT Got this Cowboy Style from Benjamin 
1st time wearing tight pant for TT  :P
(New Outfit without HairDo Done)

Be a Handsome guy also need to have their Lunch
@ Italianianies , 1 Utama

After that They are heading to Monsoon-Id 
To complete their look with a stylish Hairstyle
TT's new hairstyle in making!
Woah! TT with Benjamin's Magic Hand! 

TT in Elvis's Hair Style!

(Thanks Benjamin & Swing to Transformed 
Ah Peh to a Stylish/Macho Guy)

Tadah! TT is done with the whole Transformation!
Great TransforMantion from Watson!

Some Shoot with Other Winners
Zul & TT

Ashraf & TT

Andre & TT

Group Photo After The Transformation!
 Take 1
Take 2
(Yeap! Zul is showing off his shocking pink shoe! ) 

Really Greatly Appreciate To
Watson Malaysia
Benjamin Toong & Swing Chan
to make this wonderful weekend for us!

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