Sisters of the New Moon Make Up Collection - Topshop Malaysia

星期五, 三月 16, 2012

Sisters of the New MoonSisters of the New Moon.
Our fantastical new make-up collection is set to put a spell on fashionable faces this season!

Charmed Lip Tint

Crystal Lip Tint

Nails in Hypnotic

Nails in Moonstone 

Nails in Mesmerise 

Nails in Zodiac 

Magic Liner 

Lash Catcher 
 Price : TBA

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3 评论

  1. nothing that picked my interest. The name of the collection is kinda interesting though. Topshop should come up with a new blush shade! just saying.. XD

  2. i think they are working up something for make up collection.
    as they are more focus on clothing!