Railway Tourism Day 2 Tour - Lenggong&Bukit Gantang

by - January 21, 2014

Here I come to my railway tourism day 2 home stay tour at Bukit Gantang, Perak,

Wake up early with a breezing air, and mak tok prepared us a simple and delicious breakfast which is mihun siam & codok durian (which is durian fritters) ops, i think is a heaven for a durian lover which i am not. i only have the opponitity to try out the mihun siam, from my friend say the codok durian is nice and yummy . compliment with tea & coffee

Spot me in Striking Orange Cap Compliment by Bukit Gantang Homestay!

next we been to Lenggong for local traditional food festival, let me have the chance to try out pescal,speciality of perak, kebebe and etc. 

free flow of food and drink during the food festival. even Mr. Nazri is with us for food festival, in conjuction of the food festival,

 there is a book launching for Lenggong, this book is all about history and culcute about Lenggong.

fun filled day with all the yummilicious local tranditional lenggong food/Fruits even through is raining day

about 4.30pm is time to go back to our foster family's house for a leisure time with them.
there to starts my "kampung girl" time with all the 1st time experience, mak noriah brings us the freshly fruit from dusun, like durian, rambutan, dukun, and mangostee. this is tropical fruit I haven eat for about 1 weeks when i am at Korea,

I remember I saw the tropical fruit like pineapple & banana in Korea is cost like a bomb (rm17per sikat), now i should appreciate whatver i have in malaysia's fruit heaven. just grab whatever you want from the supermarket with affortable price.

I start then mini fruit buffet at mak Noriah house with RAMBUTAN, then followed by Mangostee & Dukun, all are sweet and yummy, surprisingly i nearly finished the half basket of rambutan! and my friend's husband have it alone for durian feast until can make it supper! how cool it is! after having all the fruits, is time to explore kampung pauh.

Kampung Pauh is residing about 200 persons, and seperate by a river. there are about 16 homestay at kampung pauh.
I am the 1st time to see the rambutan trees that looks like a christmas tree to me. so redful rambutan on the trees,

can i have this tree at my house, so that i have it everytime i want rambutans. it is not only red color, yellow color rambutan too! cempeka & durian trees are around the kampung too! if u feel hungry then jz puck and eat but u need to ask permission from the owners 1st ya! I think most of the people there are very friendly as i been offered few rambutans when i snap some photos & i been misregcognized as a japanese tourist, haha!

Mak Noriah prepare me a buju kurung for mock wedding dinner at night after the dusun tour. when she bring out all the baju kurung which mostly in pink, my heart like touching! is Mak Noriah knows my favorite color is pink! even my friend's family all in pink too!
This is my 1st time wearing baju kurung after secondary school which is the standard "blue & white" uniform. Thanks Mak Noriah prepared all the malay tradisional wear for us, okay for the time being i think i should have my 1st baju kurung in pink, #shopaholicmood"

Dear, Time to bath in the Mountain Water which is freezed my Head & body when every scoop from the baldi. OMG i am awake from the 1st scoop! Hmmm.... Bye Bye to the water heater! Hello to the Mountain Water Here!

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