Beauty Review : BS Fibre by Beauty Sweet

by - June 01, 2016

Today I am going to share with you a fibre drink that I tried few day ago!
It totally changed my mind of fibre drink with grassy taste and jelly texture right after mix it!
This is BS Fibre by Beauty Sweet !

The 1st day Morning I mixed BS Fibre by Beauty Sweet drink with cold water and shake well!
It tastes sweet & sour with hints of apple which is very refreshing drink for early morning!

The 2nd day Morning I take again BS Fibre by Beauty Sweet drink with taste of delima (pomegranate), this taste sweeter than the apple which like having a real fruit juice.

Surprisingly I shake it quite some time also it won't turn into jelly texture as usual fibre drink!
So gross, I can't take all the fibre drinks that turn to jelly texture!
Now I can drink BS Fibre by Beauty Sweet drink every morning and before bed without forgetting it because it taste so yummy!

This is my real personal testimonial within 3days,
This is how i take it as for 3 days 1st day take once, 2nd day take twice a day,3rd day which is today only once for morning!, so easily I already lost around1kg!
Without having hardcore exercise & diet!

Let Me Share with you more Benefits about BS Fibre by Beauty Sweet drink

-Skin Smoothen-Strengthen Muscles -Better Blood Circulation-Detoxification & Avoid Constipation-Skin Lifting 

Interested to Try Out & Slim Down!

Contact :
👉+60 18-327 8335
👉+60 11-3997 0162
👉+60 13-668 8162

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