I completed my 7days Puasa 2016

by - June 18, 2016

Hie EveryBody! 
Today coming the 12th day of your fasting month!
Congratulations to all of you who make it this far!
as I mentioned I will try to apply my fasting as far as I can !
I got too many things to share during the fasting period.

My Thought On 7days Puasa 
1. When you in hungry, you mood starts to swing and easy to get angry, so this is the time you need to calm down yourself with determination/support from religion.
Yes,when you managed to calm down, you are the winner!

2. Supports from family & friends always the best no matter what are you doing!
from this fasting period, I really can stay connected and understand about my Malay friends on How the determination & patient is needed during the fasting month!

3. Temptation/Craving all just an illusion when coming to fasting month!
when you overcome it, you won't need it anymore!
ie. I am craving for coffee for 1st & 2nd day crazily, but it starts to reduce until today I am off from Coffee for Nearly 10Days!

4. Bonding Time during Buka Puasa!
You will tend to more appreciate the moment when grabbing all the food together and wait for buka puasa time, 7.24pm at Klang Valley... then slowly enjoy the food & drink after 14 hours fasting
with your friends / family, Actually not really eat that more also, gulping few glasses of water already feel full, Right !!

More to Share with you all ya, all about my feeling towards fasting month!
Stay Tunes Next Few Posting


But a Viral Infection Fever attacked me on 7th day of my fasting and having antibiotic medicine that makes me weak and tired almost a week!
Maybe is a detoxication for fasting month!

I am stronger than Before! Be Right Back !
Have A Nice Weekend!

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