Ayda Jebat Dancing Together at KEKK2016

by - September 26, 2016

 KEKK2016 is happening now!
Come here to venture and understand about new skills and jobs !
Do you know that performing art also skills and career !
Let me share with more.....

KEKK2016 Performances by Noraniza Idris Production Venture Sdn Bhd.
Performance Art is all about talent and skills by practice and practice
So if your kid are not good in studies, maybe you can understand them and get them into dancing and singing! 

Khai Bahar , Youtuber very cheerful and good in singing!

Malaysia Culture Dance by SRJK Convent Student 

Student dance together with the artist and wins some prizes
fans mode faces on the girls!
How I wish I am that young to wear on school uniform and have idol to follows

There are Numerous Food Trucks surrounding KEKK 2016
fill up your tummy and enjoy the performance ya!

Dalili Amerda very talented with awesome performance on the stage

Ayda Jebat are the crowd attracter!
once she is out from the back stage!
huhu haha , screaming arise just on the spot!
by the way she really good in singing !

Ayda Jebat walking down to the stage and duet with the audiance! 
so sweet of her! 

this is what i wanted share with you all , Ayda Jebat Dancing Together at KEKK2016
with some of the participants from different schools

Today is the last day of KEKK 2016 at MAEPS
Head Over There Now if you wan to get more understand about new skills and new job maybe!

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