Fine Days With Liselle Tea at Rare Art Koffee

by - September 24, 2016

I love to eat and drink!
 I enjoyed my Sunday with Liselle Tea Pairing Session!
Yeah is Liselle Tea Launching Big Day

"Fine Days With Liselle Tea"- the main highlight being the launch of Liselle Tea in Klang South is to partner with different entrepreneurs from Klang themselves in F&B, technology, and manufacturers to create new sparks in local art scenes together with Liselle Tea.

From this press conference, I have more understand about local talents like Lisa Lee. and also  Rare Art Koffee gives a chance to art creator to feature their art and talent here.
With the recent vast development of infrastructures in Klang South, Liselle would like to take this opportunity to install and lift up the aesthetic value of art scenes in the eye of the local community.
And all Liselle Tea will be available at , Youbeli also focuses on featuring local products

4 Types of Liselle Tea

Jasmine Tea
Rose Tea
Blooming Scented Tea
Lychee Black Tea

Let's Try New Dishes infused out from all 4 Liselle Tea
By Rare Art Koffee
Cold Spaghetti With Jasmine Tea

Smoked Salmon with Lychee Black Tea

Braised Prawn with Blossom Seed Green Tea

Lamb chop with Rare Art Koffee Specialty Coffee

Dessert - Apple Rose Tea

Everything about hints of tea tastes and something different!
Bravo to the Rare Art Koffee chef to create all dishes perfectly with Liselle Tea !
Congratulation to Liselle Tea Launching
Lisa , Luk & Me

Have A Nice Liselle Tea Day!

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