Kembara Media 50 Tahun Jubli Emas FELCRA

by - September 27, 2016

I am entering paddy fields soon on tractor and new fashion Muddy Anello Bag!
Together with Konvoi Kembara Media 50 Tahun FELCRA at Seberang Perak!

What's FELCRA?
Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (FELCRA) was established in 1966. Its objective is to develop rural sector by helping its community to participate in national economic activities, thus improving their standard of living.

Since  1st of September 1997, FELCRA is known as FELCRA Berhad due to its corporatization. It is no longer a Statutory Body but has becomes a fully Government owned company. With the change of its corporate entity, FELCRA is now able to explore new business opportunities, in line with national development aspiration.

Armed with plantation management and core activities skills, FELCRA Berhad is now diversifying its activities into industrial and service sector as well as other growing business areas.

Ultimately FELCRA Berhad aspires to be a successful conglomerate while creating a dynamic, attractive and profitable rural sector. This is in line with its operational strategy which balances profit oriented programme with social obligation.

The Konvoi  Kembara Media 50 Tahun Jubli Emas FELCRA starts with a nice Desa Style Breakfast been served and prepared by Pusat Benih Padi FELCRA Berhad Seberang Perak ..

Morning Prayer with Muslim Medias & Friends
Please pray for a good weather and smooth journey!

1st visitation
Gyrocopter Pusat Benih Padi FELCRA Berhad Seberang Perak and cool pilot !

Gyrocopter Pusat Benih Padi FELCRA Berhad Seberang Perak in the Blue & Sunny Sky!

Gyrocopter Pusat Benih Padi FELCRA Berhad Seberang Perak & ME!

2nd visitation :
Ride on Tractor at paddy fields

I am driving tractor for first time!
hope all the paddy are well growing.. 

this is my zit zap baby paddy along the muddy !

Candid Shot of My Anello Bag picked up from the muddy paddy field
 this is first in the world record I think,... hahaha!

Housing area for 2nd generation at Seberang Perak
You can own one by very affortable price range from RM30K - RM180K per unit!
BUT..... With Term & Condition Applied!

We come to the ends of Kembara Media 50 Tahun Jubli Emas FELCRA
by having a great yummilious malay local lunch and performance .

Culture Dance During Closing Ceremony of Konvoi Kembara Media 50 Tahun FELCRA

Launching of New Tag Line of Felcra
P - Productive
E - Efficient
R - Resposible
A - Amanah
K - Kebajikan (CSR)


Happy 50th Anniversary FELCRA!
More to come and continues support local business and Malaysia economy !

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