Domino’s X TNTCO debuts - exclusive Ultra pocket streetwear collection

by - April 14, 2021

Pizza delivery experts, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia teamed up with popular Malaysian Streetwear brand, TNTCO, creating a unique spin of limited edition Ultrapocket clothing series. What the brands unveiled was a perfect combo of Domino’s creativity and TNTCO’s expertise in streetwear clothing. This truly brings Domino’s vision of savings to life while exploring the different facets of streetwear evolution.

If there was ever an opportunity to see the savings that you can accumulate, the brands’ interpretation would be the first! The common love was for everyday usage and Everyday Value was evident in the apparel line up, capturing the hearts of both pizza lovers and fashion enthusiasts.

How does the Ultrapocket series relate to Everyday Value? Domino’s promise of “It’s All About You” and its Everyday Value deals is all about expanding YOUR pockets with more savings and the Ultrapocket series visually demonstrates exactly that!    

The Ultrapocket series uniquely represents the amount of savings one can accumulate through Everyday Value deals. The entire line showcases ultra-sized apparels featuring large pockets for large savings that Domino’s offers. Infusing creativity  with Domino’s fun culture and attitude, the collection showcases unique designs of contemporary streetwear style. Of course ultra-sized designs live up to the highlight of big savings and big pockets with a finished touch of Domino’s theme and colours.

The series range from oversized T-shirt to baggy pants, as well as jackets, limited edition overalls and accessories such as tote bags. 


This collaborations shows off Domino’s long-term effort to ease consumers financial struggles by expanding their wallets with extraordinary savings. Everyday Value is an always-on promotion that provides an array of value for money deals for customers’ to enjoy, from pizzas as low as RM5, to 50% OFF and Buy 1 Free 2 deals, for both delivery and take-away services - Domino’s has it all!


Be it large groups, couples or single eater, Domino’s got this covered by tailoring different meal sets for different groups of people. These deals provides good value for customers, especially when enjoyed with large groups where an average price per person pay can get as low as RM 7. These are the savings that Domino’s have readily available to expand their customers’ pockets.


According to Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore “We value our customers and we are clear on our goals. We know we want to create something that would be unexpected. We thought it was about time for us to visually present the savings that we continuously channel back to our customers through the  fun and highly-relatable pocket expansion, hence the ultra-sized designs. The Ultrapocket series was created to demonstrate how much our customers can save from Domino’s and how these accumulated savings can result in their pocket expansion. I am certain our customers who have been enjoying extraordinary savings from Everyday Value can resonate with the Ultrapocket series.”


“While the pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives by default, equally impactful is the economic consequences. Given consumers sentiment, we continuously review and develop unbeatable deals for all the value seekers and savvy consumers out there to ensure the every cent spent is worthwhile. “Everyday Value” is our take on the real value while demonstrating the commitment we have for our customers in expanding their pockets with more savings. It is a campaign that goes beyond promotion as we incorporated our seamless delivery and take-away services. As our focus remains clear on the savings we aim to put back in our customers pockets, we ensure that our service and product quality are not compromised. We owe it to our promise of “It’s All About You” and we believe in going beyond providing monetary value and maintaining our assurance of speed, convenience and safety throughout the customers journey with us,” added Linda.


Throughout the whole campaign, Domino’s ensured to incorporate its seamless method of ordering via website and app platforms, complemented with its distinctive feature of FREE delivery and Pandu Ambil take away service.

“Streetwear collection itself is an in-thing among Malaysians and we left it to the experts to bring our ideas to life. I was personally inspired by the design, look and feel and believe the idea of big pocket apparels will give our customers’ greater level of confidence and reliability in terms of price and value when enjoying the products and services at Domino’s” Linda concluded.


To learn more about Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and its ongoing promotions, visit Eager to see the big pocket designs? Visit TNTCO’s official website at

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