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by - April 20, 2021

Missed Travelling to Indonesia (Bali, Bandung, Medan, Batam, Jakarta)
Before the Current Situation of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I always travel to Batam Indonesia From Johor Puteri Harbour, Just To Enjoy Their Foods & Island Sightseeing.

Now even we can’t go overseas, no worries, IndoAsli is the place where you can enjoy a variety of authentic Indonesian food from different regions of Indonesia in one restaurant located at IndoAsli IOI City Mall, Putrajaya: Lot No LG-36 & IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam: Lot No LG-58

20 years ago, a talented Chef had travelled around Indonesia in search of the most authentic flavour of food. He stopped by various places in Indonesia where he tasted different food from different regions in Indonesia. When he returned home, he couldn't get over the delicious taste of Indonesian spices and herbs. 

To spread the love of Indonesian Cuisine to the people in Malaysia, he travelled back to Indonesia where he acquired all the authentic recipes and created IndoAsli restaurant which houses authentic Indonesian food where customers get to taste the flavours of Indonesia.

His ultimate goal is to share the love for Indonesian food with the people around him.
Yes! He Did It, I am so enjoying having all kinds of authentic Indonesian food in Malaysia at IndoAsli restaurant without travelling to Indonesia… 

Let’s Reveal IndoAsli New Menu For All of You!

- Tempe Sira – How can A Indonesian Food Without Tempe Right!
Just Right Before The Meal Comes!

- Tahu Telur – Fluffy and juicy Tahu with Egg Flakes, Goes well IndoAsli Secret Recipe Kicap! Main Course

- Ikan Talapia Goreng Renyah Sambal Nusantara
I think most of us who went to Indonesia will be ordering this “flying fish”, so crispy and kicap is a must for this dish!

- Ayam Bakar Sate
So Delicious

- Gulai Ayam Padang

Creamy, slightly spicy but very suitable to eat with white rice


- Rendang Kambing

Love this mutton rendang. The meat is very tender and the gravy is very nice.

- Rendang Sapi
Sapi means Beef in Bahasa Indonesia….

Juicy Lamb & beef  Cubes in Rendang Sauce (their rendang sauce is different from our Malaysian rendang sauce, you should try it yourself 

- Cumi Bakar Jimbaran

Just Like You are sitting by the beach side and enjoying this grilled well-marinated octopus…
  - Terung Raos Khas Bandung

Deep-Fried Brinjal with Unique Sauce, Crispy & Juicy!
Mama Love It So Much!
- Nasi Tumpeng Ayam Bakar Percik Bali

A complete set of the meal with Percik sauce roasted chicken, some keropok, vegies and powerful sambal balado 
Signature Drink
My all-time favourite Indonesia Drink all available here Too!

 - Es Alpukat and Soda Serai
no matter which restaurant I went to, I must order Es Alpukat (Iced Avocado Juice) & if you want something refreshing you can order Soda Serai too.. sparkling lemongrass drink just right with all the food here!

IndoAsli here got their own creation called Jus Alpukat Teristimewa IndoAsli

- Jeli dalam Telur RM8.90
Refreshing Jelly In The Egg! 

- Popia Pisang

Deep-Fried Banana in Spring Roll Coated with Chocolate Sauce & Cheese! So Yummy!  

*IndoAsli new menu is currently exclusive at IndoAsli IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and will soon be available at IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam

Drop By @indoasli_official restaurant which houses authentic Indonesian food where You get to taste the flavours of Indonesia.
IndoAsli IOI City Mall, Putrajaya: Lot No LG-36
IndoAsli Central i-City, Shah Alam: Lot No LG-58 


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