DIY : Postcard Namecard Holder

星期日, 五月 27, 2012

I need a holder for my blog name card with a pouch, metal type or just a box ! 
then i come across my mind, why not i just DIY a personalised postcard name card holder for myself?
cheap and eco-friendly as well. 
Wonder how I transformed a postcard to a name card holder?
check it out!

2 . Cut the postcard accordingly as shown.
make a line and fold toward inside.

3. fold in the middle as separate to 2 column for placing name card. 

4. this is the outcome when you done your folding & glue process.

5. fold into half
(i love the ROBOT as the cover for this name card holder)

6. add in eyelets via eyelet punch

7. place eyelets with string at the front & black as shown above. 

8. Tadah! The Simple & Nice DIY name card holder is Done
the new home for my blog name cards.

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13 评论

  1. a cool craft and awesome recycle idea!

  2. *super evil smile* I'm gonna just dig those wedding cards from my annoying 'relatives' and make a namecard holder out of it. Wakakakakakakakakakakaakak!

    @Smallkucing... u shud make some too... I think last year you got attend some weddings oso, you know... that relative in Ipoh wan... got save up those red bombs or not? Turn it into business card holder.

  3. missyblurkit:
    Thank for Compliment, U should try to do it!

  4. Small Kucing :
    thanks for your support! make it and show me ya!

  5. life-muses :
    Thank You. I Love it too!

  6. cleffairy :
    Ya, can make it with wedding invitation cards. another good idea!

  7. how to make the step 7 ar? Where to buy the stuff?

  8. 小佩,
    you can get the eyelet puncher from stationary shop, u must buy it the eyelet as well.

  9. Will surely try this! Looks even cooler than most of the cards holder out there selling.

  10. This is just great idea...i wish to use something like this for Metal business cards.