Launch : Skinfood Royal Honey Range @ Fahrenheit88

by - May 16, 2012

Queens of Our Hearts
Skinfood Royal Honey Range @ Fahrenheit88

This Royal Honey is superior moisturisation lasting up to 48 hours!

Raw Honey @ Yum Yum!

Model of The Day!
Before we get the Tips & Tricks from Korean Gurus
They are coming all the way from Korea ..
So lucky Us to get some technique. 

Face & Base

·         Prepare your skin wt lower tempeture with cucumber mist
·         Royal honey base
·         Royal honey foundation :
·         Sponge = full coverage
·         Brush = light coverage
·         Royal compact powder

Eye Make Up
·         Concealer (put more effort on dark eye circle)
·         Light color highlight  whole eye
·         Darkest color at the end of the eye adge
·         Blend it well
·         Eyeliner (lower eye 1/3part)
·         Eye brow (powder more natural than pencil
·         Mascara (curl before put on mascara)

·            Tap & tap to blend it well ( do not pull and look patchy)

·             Add on gloss on the middle of lips to look more younger.

The Model Look so Nice :)

Devil's Favorite : 
Toner , Serum & Mask

Sknfood Royal Honey Skincare Range Set Up

Devil's & all Korean Gurus!
Devil Looks so dark compare to them ^^

Model & Korean Gurus ! 

A Group of Bloggers !

Have Fun! 

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