Review : Vibrance Kegel Device after 1 Month Usage

星期四, 五月 03, 2012

Thank You Vibrance Kegel Device,
Dear Dear Love Me More ...
Wants To Knows More Stay Tune.

At 1st week of using Vibrance Kegel Device, 
it is a difficulty to control the pelvic floor muscle.
but as usual practice makes perfect,
I make it at the end!
the feeling like doing exercise ,
kind of tired from pelvic floor, thighs, ass as well.

After 1 month using Vibrance Kegel Device, 
I found my thighs is getting smaller.
My PMS is less pain after using the Vibrance Kegel Device,
most improvement is my xxx life, 
as u all wanted to know..
Dear Wants More as usual.
U Know what i means right?? (blushing ~.~)

To find out more about the device, 

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