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by - May 02, 2012

In LoVe with London
New campaign by local brands celebrates quintessential British traditions

The grey skies of London may be legendary and its rainy days rampant, but at its height, the world bowed down to the city—“The sun never sets on the British Empire”, so goes the famous saying.
There was a time when the Empire ruled the world—from Australia to Zimbabwe. So many were the countries that they ruled that these states now come under the Commonwealth banner and host their own events, tied together only to their lineage to British rule.
But merely putting London on a political pedestal is overlooking other fields it triumphs at. In literature, Shakespeare weaved words that are re-read and translated centuries after they were written.
From London School of Economics to Central St Martins, the city trains the cleverest minds, shaping their thoughts and opinions that they may change the world. 
The British monarchy, from Elizabeth I, is a study of governance, resilience and of course, a sense of style and polished manners, honed by years of grooming, education and proper etiquette. 
At this year’s Oscars, Meryl Streep—an American—won her third statuette playing female British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady who was revered and feared my friends and enemies alike.

Party Starts with a Awesome Dance Performance.

GPS first ever country tribute in 2003 entitled Bangkok Express, the chic, tailored and brilliantly hued handwoven Thai silks

Bali Bagus from 2004 the renowned Balinese waxed prints of batik

In 2005, Japan Japan brought us origami inspired tailoring

Ciao Italia in 2006 saw rich and intricate prints from the Italian Renaissance

Heat and spice whipped up a riot of colour in Incredible India in 2007.

China Champ in 2008 saw us in our chinoiserie glory.

Melbourne 360' was a tribute to the uniquely breezy pacific rim style

In 2010 we bowed to nature’s bounty Wow Manila

And the unmissable Tri-color liberation of last year’s Oui Paris!

2012 Theme : LOVE LONDON. 

Scotland checker style,

Sweet & Elegant Dress.

 Wild Wild West (Leopard Prints Details)

Duo Dynamic People Behind G.P.S
(Graffi Tee. Philosophy-men. Salabianca)
Tino Soon & Allan Chan.

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