Get Rid of peeling hand Once and forever

by - August 12, 2013

I been trying 
Yes! Nurse Hand Cream from The Love Jars continuously  for 1 week, as in like before starts work, after wash-room, after lunch time, Yes this hand cream is staying with my all day long at office, my working place is under the air-con , who else not under air-con environment right!

before I using Yes! Nurse Hand Cream  as you can see clearly my hand is too dry and peeled very serious. may be previously i don't really take care of my hand instead only on face. 

the texture is kind a thick paste, so you only need 1 pea size for 1 time use, surprisingly even though it is thick texture, but it is NOT sticky and greasy at all! it absorb almost instantly.

after 1 week usage, my hand is more hydrated and starts to heal from the dry skin, no more longer with hard and peeling hand. Amazing result as in it contains healing & protecting ingredient like active +15 Manuka honey, pomegranate seed oil, aloe vera, wheat germ oil, passion fruit seed oil, almond oil and white willow bark extract.

light fruity smell is another my favourite of this hand cream too.
Very affordable with the amount of usage. only  RM29.90 for 50ml.

YES! I would like to have 1 more tube Yes! Nurse Hand Cream be my hand saver outside of the office too !
Get Your Here!

Check Out More about The Love Jars, They also bring in other brands like Crazy Rumors & Mistral.

Yes! Nurse hand cream By The Love Jars

Yes! Nurse Hand Cream was co-founded by a young paediatric nurse at the beginning of 2009. Having been signed off work with dry, cracked and sore hands, she noticed that many of her colleagues were suffering in the same way.

All the best things in life started with a story. Apparently chocolate bars were created by a Doctor and his sons in the early 18th century after using it as a medicinal product. Boy do we wish we they were still prescribing chocolate today! 
We do however have our own unique tale to tell. 
Trying numerous hand creams with little or no effect she decided to research and develop a unique formula that actually worked.
Guided by nurses across the UK, she co-founded Yes! Nurse and developed an intensive moisturising hand formula that specifically combats the daily routines faced by nurses.  
Yes! Nurse is now a rapidly growing cult brand and quick becoming a trusted favourite of nurses, busy mums and beauty fanatics alike from across the UK.  Yes! Nurse offers a powerful ‘Super Moisturising’ formula crammed full of essential Omega’s, antioxidants and natural actives –  together designed to soothe, hydrate and revive tired skin all day long.

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