Movie Review : The Wolverine

星期四, 八月 08, 2013

I walked into the theater with minimum expectations-
I wasn't expecting greatness but wasn't anticipating failure either--but this one blew me away. Once again, Hugh Jackman proves that like how Downing is to Iron Man, he is to Wolverine but what I really liked is how the film takes Wolvie into a new direction and provides a character-driven story that sees Logan dealing with inner demons and new challenges that go beyond just slicing up as many people as possible with adamantium claws. Then the action they toss in is just a delicious added treat! Just a really great X-title and comic book movie in general!

 rating : 6/10
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5 评论

  1. It seems like many are not rating this movie highly, making me wondering if i wanna watch :P

  2. it depends on the u prefer action movie with long story or not.

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