Time to Reload RM30 get RM10K-30K Branded Watch

by - August 19, 2013

Once upon a time, S.H.E is very famous, I am still young as them (hmmm, now no more young), I love them so much, I aimed the Casio Sheen in Pink for long because of S.H.E is the spokespersons for this watch, out of sudden/Surprising Dear Dear bought me the watch during Our 1st Valentine's Day that we celebrate at TGI Friday, NOW I am going to ask hubby to buy me a branded watch like "ORIS, MAURICE LACROIX, FORTIS & etc since the 1st watch he gave me only the Casio Sheen. now my status from GirlFriend to Wife, then the watch should change also right! 
NOW Xpax makes my dream come true with #TIMETORELOAD.

Dear Dear Should Do NOW is : 
  1. Buy a New Xpax Sim Card
  2. Reload RM10 twice or RM30 once
  3. Win watches worth RM10K for ME

Oh, Today's Winning Watch is very similar to my previous watch!
IS a Maurice Lacroix Pontos Chronograph.

Dear, you know what to do right!
Still Dunno? Then you should check out Here! 


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