Who Else Wants Panda-less Eye

by - August 06, 2013

My Beauty Diary had launch 3 type of Eye Masks which catered for all problem that we all are facing like puffiness, dark eye circle , and fine lines.

My Beauty Diary Puffiness Intensive Eye Mask enriched with Vitamin B5 & P to soothe skin surrounding eye area and reduce its puffiness.
this eye mask shape is special, look like the masquare that can wearing during event.
it covered the whole eye area

My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Intensive Eye Mask enriched with Vitamin C & B3 to brighten the dark circle and provide moisture to the skin surrounding the eye area.
Fishy shape Eye Mask is the 1st time created my My beauty diary, very innovative as in like the cure dark eye circle is not only bottom of the eye, needs to take care of upper eyelid too!

My Beauty Diary Smoothness Intensive Eye Mask enriched with Vitamin A and B5 to nourishes & reduce the appearance of fine lines surrounding the eye area.
triangle shape Eye Mask that managed to cover the outer eye end that happens to have fine lines.

Stay Tune with My Review Ya!

Price : RM29.90 @ 5pack/1Box

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