Talika Body Challenge Accepted

by - August 27, 2013

Are you dare to challenge to have a Firmer/Lifter Buttock & Bust within 4 weeks without any pills & Injection?
YES,  Talika Body Challenge ACCEPTED! 
I think most of the girl having the same problem which is side breast, no proper bra when teenager time. with this bust phyto cream helps to reduce the unpleasant meat. NOW i have more confident to wear sleeveless dress/shirt.

for the Bust Cream, you are to massage in 8 shape as shown like the picture above, from left to right, or depends on your preferable routine.

for me it is very simple steps and easy to absorb with cooling sensation, can you imagine your breast been covered up for at least 12-16 hours, with the massage, your breast been relaxing and expanding the fat into 2x to have the enlarge effect. how cool it is.

Yes, I have a full figure & but flat buttock.
this is due to long hour working hour & sitting at same position/place!
even with the hot weather during lunch time, we rather with order delivery with Foodpanda helps.
so can me not much movement in the small office,
With this talika buttock up i manage to pamper my buttock with massage inward and upward.

both smell alike which is fruity with a hint of mangosteen, it go off immediately.
eating papaya msyt, even  MANGOSTEEN, now even the ingredient too have Mangosteen.
Stay Tuned for More Updates with my progress with Talika Body Challenge!


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