Halloween 2016 - Spooky Tunnel At GamudaWalk

星期四, 十月 20, 2016

Do You Know there is a Spooky Tunnel at Shah Alam!
OMG! SomeThing Spooky Is Happening Now!!!!!
Let's Explore and See!
Spooky Zombies welcoming you at the Tunnel Entrance  & starts your spooky journey!
You will different scene inside the tunnel, i will never tell you what's that!

Game Booth & Photo Booth available surrounding Spooky Tunnel 
 Great for Kid & Children at join along!
Kid are braver than you maybe!
Dare You to Go Into Spooky Tunnel Now!!!

Experience Yourself at Spooky Tunnel at Gamuda Walk !
All You need to do this with purchase  of RM30 at Gamuda Walk!
You are entitled 1 entry to Spooky Tunnel

Money Can't Buy experience is worth to have a Look!
Act Fast & Walk Thru the Spooky Tunnel with Friends & Family Now!

Have A Nice Day! 

You Just need to Waze "GAMUDA WALK " , SHOP , ENTER SPOOKY TUNNEL !!!
Shah Alam, Malaysia

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3 评论

  1. I find it amusing the zombie is wearing a Love is in the Air t shirt.... hahahah... but yes, this can be quite a fun filled treat with a bit of spooks... hahahah

  2. Totally feeling the Halloween vibe here and I have to say that this is a pretty fun activity to check up on while being in the area. Cheers to the share dear! :)

  3. I have not heard of Gamuda Walk. Is this available during Halloween season only or is it an attraction with another theme on ordinary days?