Hot Mama Transformation at POP! by Jaya One

by - October 12, 2016

I well spent my Sunday with pretty fashionista bloggers & lucky shoppers at POP! by Jaya One
Pop by Jaya One is a very great place to do your shopping from head to toe,
from kid to adult , from apparel to food!
there are from different vendors, I think most of the vendors have their own styles to do mix and match!

 It is my first experience to be a personal stylist!
 My partner of the day is Ruby Bian. only 27 Years Old !! 
OMG, She is Mummy of 3 kids which a pair of 9months old twins !
Today She will be transformed by Me with RM200 budgets !

More selfies we take for better understand to each other.
ruby & me selfie makes us bonded , Agree?

Let's Starts off with Her Before Transformation Look :

Ruby is the kind of play safe type of dressing,
All in black in order to look slimmer and covers tummy!
For Me totally No No today !
I want to transform her into a hot mama type.
We go for 2 elements, Stripes & Blue

1st Outfit - Off Shoulder Stripe Blue Dress
The reason I choose Straight Stripe makes her look slimmer
by the way , Ruby got a nice shoulder to show off!!
2nd - Off Shoulder Stripe Blue Shirt Paired with Short Pants

The Reason I choose blue color is because it looks fresh and compliments with her skin tone,
Maybe she going to love this kind of off shoulder afterward!

POP! by Jaya One got numbers of Fitting Room with Big Mirror Too!!
You can Mix & Match Your Outfit from Different Vendors!
Do You Like This Hot Mama Transformation at Pop by Jaya One
Yeah, She is ready to beach party now!
All these dresses and shirts are about RM200 to complete a look!
Ruby is still a kid in her heart!
See, she love this ice-cream clutch from Pop by Jaya One so much till she brought it home in the end!!
POP! by Jaya One here also very kid friendly as well, you can get kid apparel here too !
Ruby said she will bring her kids here to shop as well! 

Don't Forget to drop by Pop by Jaya One & #Markets20 on 15-16 October 2016!
Ruby & I will be there again on 15th October!
Yes, We are Friend Now and planning to shop together!!
Plan Your Family Day Here and Have Fun !

There are many more vendors for you to shop, food trucks to eat, and etc!
I really hope that 15th Oct is Tomorrow!

Check Out This Video How Much Fun we Had Last Sunday Shopping Spree at POP!

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