Haul & FreeBies From KLCC

by - October 23, 2009

Today I Meet Up Dear Dear @ KLCC, By The Time he not yet reach ,
I Went 2 KLCC Centre Count To Have A Small MakeOver From MAC,
1st Time To try It Out ! MAC Having A Roadshow @ KLCC,
On the new product, there are selling a eyeshadow pallete @ RM180 consist of 6 color & 1 brush.

which the SA Say from a single eye shadow already RM58,
now 6 eyeshadow only RM180 , really worth it and in very nice packaging also.
at the same time, i meet up with VonVon With Her daughter, Raibow.

Then We go to Little Taiwan @ Avenue K To have our lunch time..
@ then We Order 2 lunch set;

1 x 麻辣海鲜来拉面,
1 x Jasmine Tea

1 x 五香扣肉面(Super Duper Thick Thick Fatty Oil On Top , abit regret to order it )
1 x Red Tea

after that, we went to Go Mobile fair, There have many branded brand hp : samsung, sony erricson , nokia , etc.
there also Have alot of Malaysia Manufactured Hp,
Known as BlueBerry(Not blackberry),CSL,

there really can giving 1 year warranty on the services,

so no harm to have their phone oo. (multifunctional :dual simcard, external card, TV record. camera , 2pcs battery all also got in there)

Ops, Seen like Promoting their product,
so far i am using this kind of phone for 2 month plus also... not bad la.....

Today My Mission Is On Dior Pendant + Spring Mag...

the Dior Pendant , I Saw it In Isetan Display Show outside, so addicted ! so pricey ner RM220!!!
can i be my own early birthday present for myself???
i also so so so so so so so so so so super like it ...

Mission 1 : Have a Look On their limited collection Dior Cristal Boreal Pendant with lipgloss
Status : Completed ! (Later dreaming also about dior pendant)

Mission 2 : Spring Japanese Mag That Miu Miu Introduce. (with jill stuat pink heart bag)
Status : Change My Mind With Sweet Japanese Mag (Reason ???)


It is A First Time 2 Having @ Japanese Mag Session .....
Woa!! Many Mag Also Having Freebies Oh,
Then I Pick Up 2 Most Favorable Freebies I Wan!
(1 Anna Sui & 1 Jill Stuart)
Both also In Canvas Material

Jill Stuart Bag With Pink Heart in Black Background
Anna Sui With Classic White Rose in Black Background

Think ~~~~

10 Min Pass ..........

20 Min Pass ......................
30Min Pass.........................................

(Ops , me is a choosy girl who think too long
@ the counter there....
the SA also Asked Me 2 Take Both, Seen I like Both! )

Finally !!
I Got The Anna Sui Pouch instead of the Jill Stuat Bag

Because i Think JS bag is Too Bulky For Me oh.
So i Choose Anna Sui Pouch !
Come Come, Anna Sui Babe,
I Bring U Home already!!

Then I Got My Whitening spot Cream
& eye color cream in brown color
@ Parkson!
Total Anna Sui Haul For Today !!!
Anna Sui Family Potrait

Here are the Freebies Grab from
GoMobile Fair @ KL Convention Centre..
@ Maxis Booth With playing Games...

I Got it : -
1 x Greeny HP Pouch
1 x Ronaldo Figure
2 x Mouse Pack...

Total Haul Of The Day ! 231009.... Enjoying To Meet Up With My Bf Also

quote of the day :

231009 : Next Time Whenever
My bag Is Broke/wan to change style.
can jz grab the freebies/Bag from the japanese mag !

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