ICONIC GREY Coca-Cola Glass, available NOW!

星期六, 十月 10, 2009

ICONIC GREY Coca-Cola Glass, available NOW!
Wat I wan Is The Purple Color De... After This Grey are Out,
Then, I will Hunting The Purple Color,
Even Thought I Will not So Love In Collection McD Collectible ,
Sumtimes Jz Bcoz Of Small Appettice To Eat,
But Still Wan to Eat Full Set(With Frieds, Main Course+Coke)
then i will decided to take the Happy Meal , Haha ..........

Any McD Collectiable Collector, Grab Ur Cuppies Today IN GREY !

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2 评论

  1. I got the pink and blue one..
    actually plan to collect all color because I love the coca cola glass design..but I seldom eat McD.. not very like fast food..
    I love the purple one too~

  2. my dear, i also not collect it much, jz once got it i need to hunt it the whole set, so i need to control myself on this one, i need purple color only :)