My 1st Blog Award "Over the Top Award"

by - October 09, 2009

It is my 1st Time to Received award from Blogger ~
I had got an award from Candy with the "Over the Top Award"!

Please feel free to visit her blog Candy's Sunshine and here is the Q&A together
with the award and pass on the award to others....

Where's your cell phone: In My Tote Bag

Your hair: Medium

Your mother: Housewife

Your father: Superman

Favorite Food: Japanese/Korea Food

Dream last night: None

Favorite drink: Jasmine Tea(香片) + Honey

What room are you: fancy room with all my make up kit/cloth

Hobby: Shopping / Warehouse

Fear: Bird/Chicken, anything with fur..

Where were you last night: Mid Valley

Something that you aren't: Jewelry

Muffins: Hot & Vanilla

Wish list item: Anna Sui Stuff

Where did you grow up: Malaysia

What are you wearing: Shirt & Long Jeans

Your pets: None

Friends: Enjoy to Share happiness

Something you're not wearing: Bracelet

Favorite store: Isetan's during pre-sales time.

Favorite color: Pink

Last time you laughed: 1 min before

Your best friend: Yee Kuan, Wai San

Place you go to over and over: My House

Person who emails you regularly: Customers & Friends

Favorite place to eat: Sushi King

I pass this tag & award to the following ladies:
Yee Kuan
Princess XinYun

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