Day 8 Of December - =^.^= updates Of Meow Patry - Part 2 =^.^=

星期二, 十二月 08, 2009

The Climax Of The Party!!
1st At all , Miu Miu B A model of the day..
By Using The Tsumori Chisato Palette& Collection ..
Fredrik Ng Are Teach Us Step By Step ..
1st put on the white eye cream base,
Followed By EyelinerHmmm....
All Meow Meow are so eager
and curious learning
Ohhh.... Why My Expression So Funny??
Fredrik Are put on
Kira Kira lashes on Miu ,
The bottom Part of Eye ..
So Bling Bling!!! Miu with 1/2 Eye Done !
Tada ..............
Miu Miu So Sexy Now,
Sexy Cat =^.^=

Then after we get up the trick...
we have only 20mins to do our Cat Look make up!
( just like ANTM's make up contest *lol*)

After 20Mins Here
My Look with Jean
Like This Picture Alot !!!

Then There is a presentation / posing with favorite product with meow Look~
Me Posing With My Cleansing Oil ~
(Dunno Which Camera To Look At ?? )

And Then !! Congratulation To !!

~ The best kitty=^3^= goes to ---- Stellar

Consolation1 Goes To : Masurin

Consolation1 Goes To : waternymph

To Be Continue Tomorrow More SurPrise =^.^=

18days To My Birthday~ Meow !

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3 评论

  1. hahah omg.. feel weird to see own pics.. being make up!!!

    thanks! i din really get to see my own make up pics!! now can see here!

  2. Haha..I like the photo also..
    Nice meeting you there.

  3. Miu, From Step To Step !
    Transform U Be a Sexy Cat !


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