Charles Worthington Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion.

by - June 15, 2011

Happy Charles Worthington's Product Family!
Actual Size V.S Takeaway Size

After been using Charles Worthington for 1 month, I really get a lot of compliments on my hair!

My Answer : Using Charles Worthington’s Product will get u this result!

Friends: “But if Charles Worthington’s Product not suit me then how?

Promotion valid until 22 June 2011
GRAB it Fast !!!!!

Devil: Come! Come! Come! Let me be your consultant and now Wastsons have buy 1 free 1 promotion for takeaway size (75ml), only RM9.90 !!! 

Friends:” Sure, Let give a try! “

1st I will help them to do the personalize consultation at

Then Heading to Watson’s to grab all the suitable
takeaway shampoo & conditioner for my friends 
I got mine at Cheras Leisure Mall.

Friends that wanted to get a hair condition change with their 1st
Charles Worthington's Hair Product!
Miko Bling Bling with Moisture Seal Shampoo & Moisture Seal Conditioner
(Current Condition: Dry Hair with Flat, she hope to get a moisturized hair with volume after 1 weeks)

Mummy with Brilliant Shine Shampoo &Conditioner
(Current Condition: Dry & Very dull hair, She really need a Brilliant Shine to her hair!)

1 more friend is using Frizz-Free Shampoo & Frizz-Free Conditioner
But she dun wan to show her photo for before.
but she still excited to try out the product and get a frizz free hair! 

STAY  TUNED their result after 1 week!!

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