SophieMonk - RM5 Cash Voucher

by - June 04, 2011

RM5 Cash Voucher 哦 ❤

大家快剪下报纸上的cash voucher 或是把这张图打印出来,

拿到watson's 即可于购买SophieMonk草莓粉刺组或抗痘组时享有RM5的优惠回扣❤

大家一定要试试看每5秒销售一组的SophieMonk 草莓粉刺组,彻底告别黑头粉刺和粗大毛孔的烦恼 哦❤

Hot deals ! RM5 cash voucher for our best selling product SophieMonk Blackhead Set or Anti Acne Set ,

You can either print out this or cut from Sin Chew Jit Poh 4th June entertainment 1st page .

A RM5 will be discounted while purchase SophieMonk Blackhead Set or Anti Acne Set at Watson's ❤

Highly recommended SophieMonk Blackhead set , every 5 seconds sold 1 ^^

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