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In conjunction with the start of MyMaxi-Peel Journey, 
finalists of this program gathered at De Palma Hotel on 7th of July at 10 am to attend
a beauty camp hosted by Maxi-Peel Malaysia. The program, launched in May, was
aimed at providing a platform for 8 lucky women aged 25-45, to experience a lifechanging  journey by using Maxi-Peel’s popular line of exfoliating products.

My Maxi-Peel Journey Starts Here!
with Beauty Camp @ De Palma Hotel Shah Alam

Welcome greeted by Alan & Janell with friendly Smile :)

register mum & myself and signing T&C of My Maxi-Peel Journey.
Ops...  Signing As a Small Ambassador of Maxi Peel Malaysia right after Zenny??

then Janell hand us a goodies bag with full range of maxi-peel products.
Happy mummy on Glowing Face!

it is time to mingling around with other 7 finalist on how/why joining
my maxi-peel journey...
while this session before the camp starts i only know there are
FAKE maxi-peel out there and no-authentic!
be careful girl! 

Mummy , My Supporter & Partner of the Day/Life!
Devil wants Mummy to Stay Healthy & Young Forever.

Welcome Speak by Alan from Event Plus.
very funny & nice guy along the camp..
Shhh.... Alan is a maxi-peel user as well , splash coorperation can look forward the
NEXT Male ambassador In Malaysia!

The camp was kicked off with an informative talk by Dr. Ham Man Chin about our skin. She explained
in detail, how our skin functions on a day to day basis and the Do's and Don'ts in skincare.
(stay tune with more details blog ya!)

Next, Zenny Sallihuddin,(very down to earth and friendly girl with us since morning...)

At-Home Champion of Biggest Loser Asia 2009,

Ambassador of Maxi-Peel Malaysia, shared her experience on how she gained confidence, her struggles to be where she is today, and how she became a recording artist till she was chosen as the ambassador of Maxi Peel.

(it is very motivating and touching experience sharing with zenny. support Zenny!!)

It is Lunch Time @ Cafe De Palma Hotel...Confidence comes from a tummy full girl!Never Ever be a Hungry Women! Enjoy Our Lunch Here! 

after the yummy and full lunch,  Splash Corporation's Head of Research and Development Department, Ms . Christina Buenafe gave a talk on the products of Maxi-Peel. She was assisted by Ms Charmaine Sales, the Associate Brands Manager, in explaining each of the products of Maxi Peel and also on how to use the products. 
(Ms Charmaine even show all Maxi-Peel Philippine TV Commercial that Marian Rivera reveal a sexy face and body, no luck to malaysian guy, it is very seductive and sexy.)
The journey has now begun for the The eight lucky finalists :  
  1. Norliza Binti Romizi, 
  2. Pua Hui Teng, Is Me !!!
  3. Ayu Rafikah binti Mohd Amin, 
  4. Rabiatul Adawiyah binti Zakaria, 
  5. Hazlind binti Ahmad 
  6. Saadiah binti Rahim from Klang Valley, 
  7. Ronita binti Ismail from Kuantan, Pahang and 
  8. Nor Salynata binti Salim from Batu Pahat Johor..

and the next step would be the story on how they are
progressing while using Maxi Peel products. The final date of this journey would be on
the 8th of September 2012. This will be a ceremony to reveal the finalists after going
through a life changing experience with Maxi-Peel.

Check Out More @ Maxi Peel Facebook

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