Ouch!!! Hmmm..... with Furless

星期四, 七月 19, 2012

Devil is going to be "Furless" now with FURLESS~
Check Out How!

Worry About Waxing Session?
Pain , Shy , Nervous and etc...
Still gonna be my 1st time waxing session in my LIFE.

I been welcomed by a friendly consultant.
fill up the questionnaire to understand better on your skin condition as like
sensitive, allergies, rashes & etc.

Spotted the Mirror by Side in Cozy Room ??
It is good to observe yourself been waxed and Furless!

Consultant : are you ready to waxing?

Devil : Yes! (Heartbeat up to 1000)
 Wax dipped with a new spetula everytime.(Very Hygiene!)

Consultant : It is too hot for you? Yes / No

Devil :  No! (I like the warm sensation as well)
3.2.1 Stripe!

Ouch!!! Hmmm..... 
this last me about 3-5sec for every wax stripes....

3 Different Wax for 1 Waxing Session.
One for sensitive skin that will ease redness and irritation.,
One for long coarse hairs, to lighten the pain of hair removal.
& one for short hair to make sure even the shortest stubbles are removed.

this is for bigger area like leg & armpit..

After waxing, there is a after soothing treatment
and there is INCLUDED in the package!
The machine is cooling!!
Jasmine Oil for Soothing purpose
Lavender Oil for Antiseptic purpose

I am Done with the waxing!
I still going to shopping with Mummy @ 1Utama after this session!
No problem! act as normal after waxing.!

Devil With Aprel , Boss of Furless. really great chatting with her.
as she mentioned with Furless waxing treatment will be 30%-40% less pain
from others waxing salon ... !00% agree!

21-M, Block B, Jaya One,
72A Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel : 03-7931 7326


Virgin Waxing like me!
Get this Promotion
First-Timers get 50% off their Bill !

Follow Up Waxing Promotion
Enjoy three "totally furless" sessions @ only RM268 instead of RM288!

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24 评论

  1. I saw this in Jaya One the other day. You're so brave... I feel abit shy and scared...you ask me go... I will say no wan... so scary...looks painful leh. T_T

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