P1 MiFi MF230 for my new job

by - July 17, 2012

Q: What is a Mifi?
A: The P1 MiFi (which stands for my personal WiFi) is a  modem best suited for those who 
appreciate an affordable broadband connection for all their WiFi-enabled devices while
on the go. P1 MiFi can serve broadband connection to six devices, five via WIFi and one via USB 

“Many people have two or more devices that  can  include the  laptop, smart phone,
tablet, WiFi camera and gaming device. To connect all these devices  with different
broadband plans would be expensive and inconvenient. Everyone should get their own
MiFi (personal 4G WiFi) and now they can”, says P1 CEO Michael Lai.

The  pocket-size  P1 MiFi  modem  is available  for only RM100  with any  standard  P1
ToGo™ plan,  its combo OnePlan™ or  as  an add-on to  the ForHome™ plan. This
means that  the MiFi (personal 4G WiFi) can be as  accessible as a once-off RM100
device fee plus a monthly fee of RM39. Those who seek performance can opt for the
mid to high plans which offer uncapped speed and up to 10GB usage quota. Competitor
MiFi products range from RM250 to over RM400.

As part of the campaign, any P1 MiFi with plan purchase comes with exclusive ‘The
Dark Knight Rises’ merchandise for a limited time while stocks last. To find out more
about the P1 MiFi modem and plans, please visit www.p1.com.my/togo

For More Information for P1 MiFi MF 230.

I need it ToGo Plan for my current work as a outdoor sales executive with a lot of presentations ...
With P1 mifi mf230 personal hotspot i can online anyway, anywhere. good luck to my new job as well

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