Jom Berbuka Puasa Kat Pearl International Hotel

星期一, 七月 23, 2012

Bring your family,love ones and friends over to savour the mouth-watering selection of 
Berbuka Puasa delights. Available throughout the month of Ramadhan from 21 July till 17 August 2012, the Jom Berbuka Puasa Ramadhan promotion at pearl international is priced @

Adult : RM68.00++

Child : RM38.00++

Let's Check Out What's Special @ Pearl International Hotel Berbuka Puasa Buffet. 

Start to pamper yourself with assortment of MEZZE & APPETIZERS consists of 
roasted chicken breast with lemon juice, eggplant salad, olive and green lentil salad, iceberg, cabbage. carrot, mesculin,tomato, romaine, radicchio, cucumber
cum with dressing such as thousand island, french, vinaigrette, yogurt dressing, olives. 

Action Salad Station
choice of malaysian rojak buah-buahan, assorted pecal with condiments,
kerabu mangga muda, kerabu betik muda, tauhu sumbat, acar jalatah, acar rampa & nasi ulam, 
assorted local salted fish - gelama, bulu ayam, kurau, sepat, tenggiri, talang kembong & perkasam, terubok ikan masin, assorted crackerm ulam raja, daun pengaga, jantung pisang, kasang botol, kacang panjang,petai, jering, terung pipit,cincaluk, budu, sambal nenas, tempoyak ^ sambal tempoyak, sambal belacan, sambal manga , jeruk betik, jeruk manga, jeruk kelubi, jeruk buah pala, jeruk cermai, jeruk salak, jeruk sengkuang, jeruk kedondong.
dried fruit such asam boi  meiah, asam boi putih & skin lime etc..

(dear, become my ah ne already)

Signature action counter and stalls
which offers a wide medley of favorites such as pearl's signature Harissa marinated whole lamb, ayam golek madu with barbeque, pepper, mushroom and mint sauce. 

Chefs In BBQ Counter!

- Grill Selections - 
Beef, Chicken, Squid and Marinated Fish,
Gulai Kawah Pak Long, Gulai Kambing & Gulai Daging
Lemang & Ketupat with chicken & beef floss.

Daily rotated MAIN COURSE SECTION with weekly menu 
that comprises steamed white rice, nasi minyak badam, ayam masak merah,
daging salai percik (this is awesome, Devil's Favorite,  taste like steak!)
ikan pari assam pedas & etc.
check out for daily menu!

Sink your teeth into western desserts like
chocolate brownies, fruit tarts, peanut butter mousse, raspberry mousse. Etc
or you wan to opt for local sweets like bubu cha cha, ABC, Sago Santan ?
last but not least a variety selections of tropical fruit..
make sure to find out your sweet tastebud of all dessert!

It is Devil's Favorites Dessert of the Day!

Childhood Memories!
Yum Yum!

Hungry Now ? Nak BUka Puasa Kan?

Call 03-79831111 ext 3205 look for 
Alan Wong / Kogilan to make ur rsvp!



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