CNY Must Do = FGS Dong Zen Temple

星期一, 二月 10, 2014

A visit to Dong Zen Temple for the Chinese New Year has become a tradition for many locals
Like us, Must Do in Chinese New Year, should i say never missed a year Ever!

 Dong Zen Temple has a different theme for each Chinese New Year celebration, the celebration last for the entire 15 days. BUT this year they extended to 16th of FEBRUARY 2014. 
which you still go and see on next weekend! 

Year of Horse/Unicorn!
Mixed western & eastern cultures!

More Horses around the FGS Dong Zen Temple!

This horse having dinner here?
Is it Yummy?

Happy Family with Cute Panda!

Bridge full with Love
with the loved one Dear Dear too!

Great photoshooting Place!

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4 评论

  1. Yes...I was there Friday. Lovely place. Snapped loads if pic :)

  2. wow nice.. so nice..hehe. all nice pics too.must go someday

  3. Yeh! it is in the chinese new year itinerary for me!

  4. Ya, we posted on the day same too!
    faith to promote FGS! haha