Happy WETlentine Day 2014 at Station One Cafe

星期四, 二月 20, 2014

2014, why I called it "WETlentine Day"
as we all wet from the car park all the way to Station Onecafe at Kuchai Entrepreneur Park!
and this is the Duo valentine day at the same day & our 3rd married "valentine day"
where we went and eat!

special valentine dish from station one cafe.

Strawberry Drink
Taste Sweet & Sour like our life.
It wont be sweet forever, with a hints of sour will be better for life

Trio Dishes in a Plate

we decided not to have 2 same dishes at the same time
He ordered my favourite salmon steak!

Simple & Nice Valentine Day
(by the side of your loved, everyday a valentine day)

There ends our special WETlentine Day 2014
I Love You!

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5 评论

  1. The dishes looks great. :) glad u had a happy vday

  2. adoi.....over liao ka the promotion. ? so cheap leh

  3. It's Over, specially for Valentine Day I think!
    quite affordable right!

  4. The Dishes Is Yummy & Big Portion too.
    it is Wet Velantine Day for Us!
    SUper Heavy Rain!

  5. Awwwww romantic nya :)