Going e-Commerce Today (GET) Seminar by P1

by - February 24, 2014

Thanks P1 for invitation to Going e-Commerce Today (GET) Seminar
 Now Only I know that worldwide stat that amount of Mobile is more that a toothbrush per person!
True Enough! Let Me Share with You What Is GET Seminar About!

This The Social Media Marketing Seesion More to Our Blogging!
Let Me Share Some tips I learn that day!

Do You Know: 
 Malaysia are the friendliest People in the World
Which Ever You Shared, another 233 will see the post!
How Cool is it! 

 Johanqz Ooi Keng Kee from Heppiface 
Giving a lot of Interesting Social Media Insight

This is the homework for you all bloggers too!
* When You want to create a Fans Page?
This included the Cover Photo Design & Profile Picture Design!

* When You Want to Do Ads for Your Page?

Time to Create Your Own FB Page!
Blogger Start Up 101

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