Happy Chinese New Year

by - February 07, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!
It already 8th days of Chinese New Year, time flies!
This year is the last year i been at Johor on the 1st day on Chinese New Year. 
as after this i going to stay at KL with Hubby for my 1st Chinese New Year at KL since born next year.
How the 1st Day Chinese New Year at KL?
Is It Happening? Let Me more ya!

so i really appreciate this Chinese New Year with grandmum and all the uncles & Aunties!
I even stay up to the last day before working! grandmum will be missing me after this. haha!

grandpa left us about 2 years plus, but we can feel he and celebrate the happiness with us. miss him so much What is the most happening thing in my mind is I remember he used to cook delicious food during Chinese New Year and he used to be very excited to give ang pao before everyone else! 
It is okay, we are here to accompany him for the 1st day of Chinese New Year!
I Love You!

Ops, this is more to Sentimental Chinese New Year post
all from my heart voice!

Enjoy Your another 7 days of Chinese New Year Ya!

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