Foolproof Travel Hacks for Anyone on a Budget

by - October 16, 2016

Malaysians unashamedly love to travel and we’re not afraid to spend a large portion of our money on our travel goals. We’re always on the lookout for that next destination, cheaper flights and timing our holidays perfectly so they coincide with public holidays over long weekends.
To help you travel smart, here are some money saving travel tips to stretch each RM that little bit further.

Travel to visa free countries
For domestic and international travel, GST adds up in air ticketing service fees, airport tax, passenger service charge, travel insurance. But with international travel specifically, GST applies to visa fees, including service and administrated fees. Take advantage of your Malaysian passport and travel to any of the 164 countries we can enter visa-free!
Reap rewards from the best travel credit cards
Find a credit card that will reward you for your overseas spend either with cashback, reward points or air miles. Even better when your credit card gives you FREE access to some of the VIP or Premium lounges at airports you are travelling to. Some offer complimentary travel insurance that covers flight delays, luggage loss, and overseas medical expenses.

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi and tours
Tap into public Wi-Fi hotspots, including at the airport, your hotel, and cafes or restaurants to save on data charges. Explore a city via Free Walking Tours which are guided by a local, all you need to do is sign-up for these online and meet the group at a specific time and place. Also look out for days that museums offer free entrance and skip having to pay for a ticket.

Explore the city on foot
They say the best way is to explore a city by foot. Walk around, take your time enjoy the sights and sounds. This saves you cost from paying for either a taxi or other public transport fees. Plus, when you’re tired, you could easily hop on a train, but at least you’re not paying for it every single time. Some cities offer free bicycle rentals up to 30 minutes.

Look out for sales and promotions
Buy your flight tickets from travel fairs or sales that airline operators are having. Compare ticket prices across the week, some days sell cheaper than others. When booking accommodation, check out Airbnb or boutique hotels via your mobile apps – they offer great deals with your credit card too!
Above all, don’t leave home without travel insurance and avoid being surprised by hidden fees when booking anything online by checking your booking fee inclusions and exclusions. is dedicated to raising financial literacy in our country and to helping everyday Malaysians make smarter and well-informed financial decisions in life.

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