Most Happening Shopping Bazaar - Markets20

by - October 17, 2016

I am here at Most Happening Shopping Bazaar - Markets20 

 whatever you want from head to toe, from inside out you also can get it from!
Don't believe me!
Woah!There are more than 80 participating vendors including food trucks at #Markets20
no wonder mama & I Shop like nobody biz last SaTurDay !

Pampering Session Booth!
there are vendors Selling Body Soap, Body Lotion & etc!

Varies Talent Performance & Competition
On Going thru out the day!

Make A Wish with imported Omamori (Charms) from Japan on sale now next to the Info Counter at The School!

Stylish Clothes & Dress for Fashionista!
A kind bargain you can get a dress only RM20 onwards!

There is a registration counter so you can get markets vendors shopping voucher/freebies !

Numbers of Food Truck For hunger shopper!
From Pizza, Spaghetti, Sushi to Ice Blended also available here!
fill up your tummy and continue shopping.

Follow Up Their FB Page for Next Happening Markets Bazaar Ya !

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